Resources for Follow-up Study of Secret Church

by FBCMagnolia

Obviously, the Secret Church Event is not designed to be an 6 hour event and then end at 1 am never to be studied again.  I hope you all will make the most our of your time you invested there by filling in the blanks and using that book to not only as a resource for you when you are addressed with tough questions, but that you will also use it as a teaching aid to share with others.

Here is the answers to your work sheets: Marriage, Family, Sex, and the Gospel

Here is the link to the website where the video and audio will be made available in a couple of weeks:

The next Secret Church Event will be held on Good Friday April the 6th 2012.  I believe the topic on this one will be on the end times.

Thank you all that came and especially all of you that helped and served.