John The Baptist’s Message to the Brood of Vipers in Mt 3:7-10 and Lk 3:7-14.

by FBCMagnolia

John’s Message has two parts

  1. God’s Judgment and the need for Repentance.
  2. Preaching about the Coming One and the greater baptism that comes with Him.

Summary of John’s Message:

  • Repentance involves

–        Confession of sins,

–        sorrow over sins,

–        and conversion or turning from sin.

There are Three Aspects of John’s Message to the Jews

  1. John’s message involved a prophetic warning of eschatological judgment
  2. The fruit of repentance should manifest itself ethically in charity, honesty, and contentment
  3. John’s message dealt with the coming messiah

Five Ways to Apply John’s Message to Our Lives

  1. We see that true teaching is not afraid to condemn
  2. We see that our teaching should involve the Holy Spirit
  3. We see that true teaching includes pointing people to Jesus
  4. True teaching includes the safety of every believer
  5. True teaching includes a warning against Hell