God has Power Over Nature VBS Day 1 (Joshua 3-4)

by FBCMagnolia

Lesson: The River Stood Still (Joshua 3-4)

                This story is about how God lead Joshua through the Jordan river and into the promised land.  But let us first recap why this story is significant.  This story is not just merely to show that God has power over nature.  This is because if you had read from the beginning of the Bible that God created all things therefore it should not be surprising for us to see that God has power over what he created.

The main point of this story is to show to everyone that the God that was with Moses will now be with Joshua.  See the nation of Israel was slaves to the Egyptians.  The nation of Israel had ended up there as a result of a series of miraculous events that ended up saving them from starvation from a famine.  Which can be seen in the story of Joseph.  However, after many years, those that were in control forgot who Joseph was and made all of his descendants slaves.

Then God used Moses to lead his people out of Egypt.  And through a series of miraculous events, Moses was able to lead his people out of Egypt and towards the land that God had promised them that was full of milk and honey.

However, when they arrived there they found that the land was full of people groups that were more numerous and physically bigger than the nation of Israel.  They sent 12 spies into the land and only two came back with a positive report.  Joshua was one of them.  God then punished the nation of Israel by making them wonder in the wilderness for 40 years for their unbelief.

We now see that God has placed Joshua in the leadership role since Moses has now passed away.  And as a sign to the people of Israel that God is with Joshua, just like he was with Moses he parts the Jordan, just like he parted the Red Sea for Moses when they came out of Egypt.  Therefore, they would have faith to take on impossible missions for God, because if God be for them then who could be against them.

Now we see that Joshua and the Israelites were camped near an Acacia Grove.  Joshua led the Israelites as far as the Jordan River where they camped for three days.  At the end of the three days, Joshua sent officers through the camp to deliver God’s command.

God told Joshua to tell the people, “when you see the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God carried by the priest, you must break camp and follow it.”  Joshua told the people to make themselves ready because the Lord was going to do wonders among them.  God told Joshua that when the feet of the priest touched the water, the waters would be cut off.  The water flowing downstream would stand up in a mass, so the people could cross on dry land.

When the people broke camp, the Jordan was overflowing its banks.  But as soon as the priests’ feet touched the water it stopped flowing.  The priests as soon as the priests’ feet touched the water it stopped flowing .  The priests carrying the ark of the covenant stood on dry ground in the middle of the Jordan while all of Israel crossed on dry ground.

God then commanded Joshua to choose 12 men from the people, one from each tribe to go get a large stone from the middle of the river.  The men were to bring the stones back to the far side of the Jordan and place them there as a memorial of how God stopped the Jordan from flowing so that they could cross on dry ground.  Joshua also set up 12 stones in the middle of the Jordan where the priest where standing with the ark of the covenant.  The stones are still there to this day.

Once everything the Lord had commanded was completed, the priests came up from the Jordan.  When their feet stepped out on solid ground, the waters of the Jordan resumed their course.

The people camped at Gilgal near Jericho.  Joshua set the 12 stones they had taken from the Jordan as a memorial.  He told the people to tell their children how God dried up the waters allowing them to pass on dry ground so that all people may know that God is with them.


Why did they take 12 Stones to make a memorial?

The ark of the covenant had to go ahead or behind the people?

God assured to the people of Israel that he was with them by parting the waters.  How does God reveal himself to his people today to encourage them?

How does this story affect our lives today?

Closing Ceremony in Sanctuary

Review of day’s lesson

Joshua was the leader of what group of People?

The ark of the covenant had to go ahead or behind the people?

God told Joshua He would be with him, just as He was with _____________?

How many tribes of Israel were there?

How many stones did they gather?