by FBCMagnolia

Permission Forms can be downloaded 2012 Lock-in


WhoStudents in the 6-12th grades

Location: Morehead State University

Date: October 5-6th

Time: Please have your child at Flemingsburg Baptist Church no later than 5:45 PM

Transportation: Church van

Cost:  $5 for admission. Food will be provided. (Also money for Concessions during Soccer Game)

Notes: Joe’s Office phone number for any questions


Deadline: Permission slip must be turned in by October 4th at the latest. Joe will be at the middle school that Friday morning. Or permission slips can be dropped off at the church.


Go to MSU Soccer Game, then we will go Cosmo bowling, then we will spend the rest of the time in the gym playing basketball, volleyball, football, kickball, etc….  There might even be a live band.

There has been some concerns about Hoe Down in the Holler. But I believe that it is possible to do both. We will have you back in Flemingsburg at 6am on Saturday morning. Which will give you plenty of time to go home, take a nap, go to court days to grab a pork tenderloin sandwich and homemade ice-cream, and then go to Hoe Down in the Holler when it starts at 4pm.

Remember no school that following Monday, so you will have time to recover then and get back on schedule.

Should be a weekend of a lot of excitement. Looking forward to it and invite your friends.

Game Time: 7:05PM

Pick-up Time: 7AM (Back at Flemingsburg Baptist Church)

Warning: Any students that go outside of designated areas will have their parents called to pick them up. For safety concerns this is a strict 0-tollerance rule.