by FBCMagnolia

Here is a great read on how those that demand respect are hard to work with, but those that work hard end up earning others respect without even having to ask for it.

Hunter Baker

My wife and I enjoy watching the genre of television programs in which various consultants go in and try to save failing businesses.  Gordon Ramsay may have invented the basic model with his Kitchen Nightmares.  It has been replicated with shows about restaurants, hotels, bars, car lots, salons, and other businesses.

If you watch the programs, one thing becomes clear immediately.  The worst workers in virtually any business are the people who are obsessed with the question of whether they are being disrespected.

I happen to be in a good position to deliver this news, because exactly this issue came up in one of my first professional positions.  Once, I sat (as a very junior person) in a high level meeting and casually doodled on my copy of the meeting agenda.  The notes I was making illustrated my disdain for the process we were going through.  One of my…

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