Mike Bullmore Session I at Building Healthy Churches Conference

by FBCMagnolia

9Marks at Southern 2013: Session 1 with Mike Bullmore from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.

Why Exposition? Why Do We Preach Expositorially?

– Preaching God’s Word is our fundamental task and there is no more effective way to serve our church than by preaching God’s Word.

Biblical Preaching is that in which both content and intent of sermon is controlled by the content and intent of the passage of scripture.

– Determine why this text is here in the passage.

– What is God seeking to say.  The task of the sermon is to let God’s Word Speak.

Why is Biblical Preaching Needed?

– Because lost people need to hear the Word of God.

– The church needs to hear His instructions.

Deut 8:1-3

– We were made for more than just our physical appetites.

– We live in God, by feeding on His Word.

– Because our people need it in order to live rightly.

4 Things About the Word of God That Displays Why We Should Preach Bibically

1.) God breathes scripture.

– Our God Speaks.  God still speaks by what He has spoken.

2.) Understandableness of Scripture.

– No one drifts into excellence.  You can only drift away.

3.) The Usefulness of Scripture.

– God’s Word can be trusted for the feeding of your sheep.

4.) The Ethicacy of Scripture.

– God’s Word gets things done. Psalm 19.

*The text is no longer being judged, just the readers are.