Ryan Fullerton Session VI at Building Healthy Churches Conference

by FBCMagnolia

9Marks at Southern 2013: Session 6 with Ryan Fullerton from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.

Hebrews 1-2:1-4

These Truths that will Bind Our Soul to Expository Preaching

– The goal is to fuel expository ministry

The Central Call:

– We must pay closer attention to what we have heard.

– Jesus came preaching.

1.) The Danger of Spiritual Drift.

– We naturally drift away, we have to be constantly laboring upstream.

– The Danger of apostasy, making a shipwreck of the faith.

– Moses built God’s peace – Jesus is God’s peace – Joshua brought God’s peace – Jesus is God’s peace.

2.) Without the Word We Will Certainly be Condemned.

– God does not make empty threats

– paralleled passage Hebrews 10:8.

– In Old Testament, if you do not listen you are physically dead

– In New Testament, if you do not listen to the Gospel you are spiritually and eternally dead.

– Certainty of judgement

3.) Greatness of our Salvation

– Motivation of Christian

– You do not want to go to Hell, but you also should want to be with Jesus forever.

– When you have God’s Word you always have something to preach: Hebrews 10:12.