Dare to Change (Acts 9:1-18) VBS Day 1

by FBCMagnolia

Change is scary, whether it is on a roller coaster and you are going from really high to really low, or from really slow to really fast, change can be scary.  That is what we see in our lives as well, change of grades, change of homes, change of friends, change of teachers, change of teams, and coaches can be scary.

Do you all like change?  Sometimes it is good and sometimes it can be scary.  And that is what we see many times in the Bible.  We see that many adventures in the Bible often begin with a radical change of where they live, of habits, or of circumstances.  In today’s Bible story, God requires two men to turn their beliefs and behavior up-side down so that Paul’s mission could begin.  Because both of them were willing to change the world was changed.

Today we will learn how to trust in God that he will keep you secure and settled no matter what is going on around you.  God is your seat belt keeping you safe as you go through this world of changes.

Verses 9:1-2

Here we see that Paul probably would have won the award for person less likely to become a Christian, or less likely to change at all as far as that is concerned.  The first time he appears in Acts, he was holding the coats for the mob who stoned a believer to death.  Paul was breathing threats, it is a though persecution was the air he breathed.  Paul’s hatred of those that followed Jesus, carried 150 miles toward Damascus.  He was armed with legal documents giving him the right to arrest those who dared to challenge his beliefs.

Verses 3-9

Jesus had other plans.  In a flash of blinding light, He demanded that Paul change direction, not geographically, but spiritually.  Paul did not resist Jesus- he yielded to Him.  And because of Paul’s ministry and writing, the world was changed.

Verses 10-18

However, Paul is not the only person in this story that resisted change.  God spoke to the believer Ananias and asked him to minister to a man who could destroy him.  Do you think that Ananias was excited about doing this?  No, but God gently tugged Ananias toward obedience by giving him a glimpse of Paul’s mission.  This man is my chosen instrument to carry My name before the Gentiles, kings, and sons of Israel.

Therefore, today, we are encouraged to dare to change.  But not just any change, but to be willing to take risks for the Glory of God.  Two questions, from this passage, who can be changed?  So what God wants us to see in this conversion is that the most unlikely people can be converted and are converted.  Second, who do we share the good news of Jesus with?  Just like Ananias, we are to be bold in our witness, risking our lives in order to do what God has called us to do.  And what has God called us to do?  He has called us to go and make disciples of all the nations.