Community Service Event/ Fundraiser/ Bible Study

by FBCMagnolia


We will be doing the Fleming County Trash for Cash program on June 14th.  Money raised will help us off-set costs of our Bible Studies (food, gas, utensils, etc.)  Each student above 12 years old will help us raise $8 per hour for the youth program.  It also helps keep Fleming County beautiful.  Encourage everyone to help even parents.

3 Reasons you should be interested in community service:

1. It is your community and it is great way to give back to it and keep it looking beautiful.

2. Scholarships. Many scholarships require you to work so many volunteer hours to qualify, start early to make sure you can cut cost for college.

3. More than likely, the money raised will be the money that feeds you later or helps you pay for a larger event. (And its more likely to get help on larger events if we see that you are committed to helping out).


Location: Planck Road (Meeting first at Church)

Date: June 14th

Time: Please have your child at Flemingsburg Baptist Church no later than 10am

Transportation: Church van

Cost:  Free

Notes: Joe Office phone number for any questions


Deadline: None


  • Money for food and Drinks
  • Sunscreen