Kid’s Camp (June 25-28)

by FBCMagnolia

Kids Camp was a fast-paced, Christ-centered, kid-friendly camp for elementary children! At the heart of Kid’s Camp was our passion for building relationships with our children to help them cross over from death to life or more fully experience Christ. This past week our kids got messy, loud, and crazy. But, most importantly, our kids experienced Christ in a way they can understand

Kids camp brings much of the fun and excitement that our student camps have, but in a context that they can better understand.

Bible Study

During kids camp the students experienced Bible Study in Large and Small Group settings.  The Bible Study is geared more towards younger students. We still preached the Gospel, but it was in a way that the younger audience can better understand.

This week our children were challenged to “Exchanged” their sins for Christ’s righteousness.  They learned that this is the “Great Exchange”  that takes place between Christ and believers on the cross is as good for us as it is bad for Christ.  Jesus received our sin, while we receive his righteousness.  His loss was our gain, his suffering our joy.  Though he was rich, yet for our sake he became poor, so that we by his poverty might become rich.  Just as our sin was imputed to Christ on the cross, so his righteousness was imputed to us.  This means God literally sees believers as having all of Christ’s righteousness, and thus all of Christ’s standing and rights, in their lives before God.


Along with games at the lake our kids experienced a lot of fun games, such as, Bazooka ball, zip lining, climbing, icing the cake, messy games, and volleyball.  Below you can see pictures of some of the fun in action.