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Panther Praise and Worship Back-to-School Service

Picture1On Sunday, August 18th, the 2nd annual Panther Praise & Worship will be held at FCHS. This is a night where all churches in Fleming County can come together, uniting as one, to show support for our students, schools, and district. Our utmost desire is to begin a new school year seeking God’s guidance.

The night will feature the musical talents of:

Solid Ground


Various FCHS Students

Pastor Kent Wilson (Unity Baptist) and Youth Pastor Joe Gunter (Flemingsburg Baptist) will be sharing a devotion to uplift and encourage our students, teachers, staff, and community this school year.

Service will end with a prayer walk around the high school.

Flyer can be downloaded here: Panther Praise and Worship

Sponsored by:

 FCHS FCA & Panthers for Christ



Kid’s Camp (June 25-28)

Kids Camp was a fast-paced, Christ-centered, kid-friendly camp for elementary children! At the heart of Kid’s Camp was our passion for building relationships with our children to help them cross over from death to life or more fully experience Christ. This past week our kids got messy, loud, and crazy. But, most importantly, our kids experienced Christ in a way they can understand

Kids camp brings much of the fun and excitement that our student camps have, but in a context that they can better understand.

Bible Study

During kids camp the students experienced Bible Study in Large and Small Group settings.  The Bible Study is geared more towards younger students. We still preached the Gospel, but it was in a way that the younger audience can better understand.

This week our children were challenged to “Exchanged” their sins for Christ’s righteousness.  They learned that this is the “Great Exchange”  that takes place between Christ and believers on the cross is as good for us as it is bad for Christ.  Jesus received our sin, while we receive his righteousness.  His loss was our gain, his suffering our joy.  Though he was rich, yet for our sake he became poor, so that we by his poverty might become rich.  Just as our sin was imputed to Christ on the cross, so his righteousness was imputed to us.  This means God literally sees believers as having all of Christ’s righteousness, and thus all of Christ’s standing and rights, in their lives before God.


Along with games at the lake our kids experienced a lot of fun games, such as, Bazooka ball, zip lining, climbing, icing the cake, messy games, and volleyball.  Below you can see pictures of some of the fun in action.

Water Park/ Bible Study


Location: Paradise Breeze Family Entertainment Center, Maysville, KY

Date: July 19th

Time: Please have your child at Flemingsburg Baptist Church no later than 10am

Transportation: Church van

Cost:  $8.00 a person + Money for Food & Drinks

Notes: Joe Office phone number for any questions


Deadline: None


  • Appropriate bathing suit for water park
  • Money for food and Drinks
  • Sunscreen

July Newsletter Article

100_0841This past month the youth ministry took a Camp trip to Myrtle Beach.  Now the question can be asked, “why go all the way to South Carolina for a camp?, Is there not a closer camp?”  Well, that is a good question, but the answer is that we go to this camp because its foundation is on scripture.  Growing up in the Bible Belt South, we have a term for the post-camp experience; we call it a camp high.  This occurs when you go to camp and experience really exciting music and a motivational speaker that causes you to be excited about going out and sharing Jesus with everyone.  However, when you return, the “high” soon wears off and you go back to life as normal.

That is why we chose this camp, because its foundation is on scripture, and only God’s Word can bring about change that lasts.  During our camp time, we experienced great music that much of which came from straight from scripture, fantastic expository preaching from David Platt, and our Bible Studies covered the timeline of redemptive history (Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation).

However, instead of me continuing to tell you all how much it changed the lives of these youth, I have decided for the rest of this article for you to hear straight from their testimonies that they shared with us during the Youth Share Night.

MKMary Kate: “What changed my life the most was the quote, “Trade in your human desires for someone, something greater.  And, trust me, not only will God fulfill your desires, He will give you so much more.””

APAlyssa: “I am the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord God, who is, and who was, and who is to come.  This is so true and Jesus has revealed this to me.  Throughout the week at camp, I felt God like nothing before.  In one of the songs they sang there it says, “ O praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead.”  Which is what we did, we praised him in all of his grace and glory.  I was shown what it means to be in the kingdom of God and how important it is to share the Gospel and share his love.  So I want to thank you all for supporting us in this beautiful journey with our savior and I specifically want to thank Joe and Kaley for listening, supporting, and helping me through this journey.

God Bless.”

CWCheyenne: “As you all know we took a trip to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.  Down there we went to an all week conference. The Theme of the week was “The Kingdom”.   David Platt, who is a big time Preacher was there as well as Kristen Stanfill who is from one of the groups associated with Passion Conferences.  This experience to go not only let me meet new people, but led me to understand the Bible more.  David Platt and the music played by Kristen Stanfill really inspired me to really try more and it got me closer to God.”

HWHannah: “During camp, I made a huge decision that changed my life forever.  I gave my  life to Jesus, and I could never be more excited to see what God has in store for me in the future.  Thank you, Jesus, and also to Joe and Kaley Gunter, for their support this week.  God is Great!”

Day 3 Evening Session (Matthew 7)

What does it means to know God?

Matthew 7:21: Not everyone who cries out Lord Lord, will enter the Kingdom.

There are many who think they are safe, but they are dangerously deceived.

4 out of 5 Americans say that they are Christians.  They are committed it the name only.

Matthew 4:17 Repent

Matthew 4:19 Follow Me

Characteristics of Jesus:

– Jesus is the center of history, Jesus is fully human, Jesus is fully divine, Jesus is the sovereign of the wise, Jesus is the shepherd of the weak, Jesus is Savior King, Jesus is the righteous judge, Jesus is filled with God the Spirit, Jesus is loved by God the Father, Jesus is the sinless one, Jesus is the light of the world, Jesus is the hope for all nations, Jesus is the authorative teacher, Jesus has authority over disease, Jesus has authority over natrue, Jesus has authority over demons, Jesus has authority over sin Jesus has authority over death.

-This Jesus is worth so much more than nominal Christianity.

– Jesus is not a poor puny savior wanting you to accept him as Savior.

– Jesus does not need our acceptance.  Jesus does not need us at all.  We need Him.

– When you encounter this King, everything changes. (Mac Truck Illustration)

1.) Turn from your sin (Repent)

– We admit we are sinners before God.

– Sorrow over sin.

– Desire our life to honor Him.

2.) Turn from yourself (Renounce)

– Disciples leave their jobs and their families.

– Leaving safety and security as you know it.

– Stating your life belongs to Jesus now, not yourself.

– It costs to follow Him, It is not easy.

3.) Trust in Jesus as the Savior who pursues us by His grace.

– It is not a checklist following Jesus.

– We have nothing in us to draw Jesus to us.

4.) Trust in the Lord who leads you for His glory.

– The cost of not following Christ is far greater than following Him.

– If you can trust Him to save you, you can trust Him to Satisfy you.

Matthew 13:44: He has found something worth giving everything else up for.

– Jesus is worth losing everything for.

– Repent for the glory of God, and the good of yourself.


Day 3 Morning Session (Matthew 4:1-11)

Two Kingdoms:

1.) Kingdom of Light

2.) Kingdom of Darkness

– The Bible does not say ignore the Devil, but to resist the Devil.

– Satan leads us to the slaughter like a cow goes to the slaughter.

– When you think about Satan, do not think about pitch fork, Satan does not have to “make” you go into destruction.

– Satan just tries to convince you that you are OK and comfortable.

– The stakes in the spiritual war are eternal.


The first temptation is if God is your Father, why are you hungry?

3 Ways We are Tempted

1.) Fulfill our wants apart from God’s will.

– Temptation in the Garden of Eden.  God given desire for food filled in an ungodly way.

– Satan takes our God given desire and twists it.  Food -> Gluttony, Sleep -> Laziness, Sex -> Lust, Porn, Promiscuity, Relationships, Friendships……

– Desires are not evil, but doing it outside of God’s will is.

– When we seek to meet our desires outside of God’s will we are saying to God, that you are not enough and I know how to better satisfy myself better than you can.

2.) We are tempted to question God’s Character and to twist God’s Word.

– Flee sexual immorality, not see how close you can come to the line.

– Satan says if God really loves you, He would not withhold this from you.

3.) We are tempted to settle for temporary pleasure, rather than for an eternal treasure.

– This is us saying to God that we know what is better for me.

– The problem is that our desires are too weak, it takes too little to please us.

– We need to seek after God’s treasure so that we can be most satisfied.

– We are settling for mud pies when God offers a buffet at the King’s Table.

– The bread of demons always destroys.

a.) What we think leads to delight leads to destruction.

b.) What we think leads to freedom leads to slavery.

– No one says the drug addict is free.

c.) What we think leads to life actually leads to death.

– The punishment for a small crime is not based on the sin, but the greatness of the one offended against.

d.) He a life that we could not live.

e.) He died the death that we deserved to die.

f.) He conquered the enemy we could not conquer.

Beach Camp Day 1 and 2

Day 1


Stopped in Knoxville, TN where my family fed them & then the girls stayed the night at Kaley’s parents house.

Day 2

Woke up early and drove to Myrtle Beach. Arrived in enough time to get pizza and head to the conference.

Kristian Stanfil led us in a time of worship through song and then David Platt delivered his first message to us.


During his message he laid down the foundation for this weeks messages. The main question for the week is, Do you know Jesus? Not, have you gone to church, prayed a prayer, or grown up in a Christian home. But do you know Jesus powerfully, intimately, personally.

This is the most important question we will ask in our life. The answer to this question affects the answer to all of our other questions, who should I date, where should I go to college, how should I spend my life? Even, what will I be doing 10 billion years from now.

1 Theme: Kingdom (Matthew)

2 Truths:

1.) Jesus is God with us (Matthew 1:18-23)

– God did not stay on top of a Mountain, waiting for us to find Him, but came down to mountain to us.

– God Loves us so much that he must go to us.  Just as a man does not send his friend to ask his girlfriend to marry him, he goes himself because he loves her.  How much more does God love us by coming to this fallen world to call us to Himself.

– The question is not, why is there only one way, but why is there anyway at all.

2.) Jesus is King over us (Matthew 2:1-12)

3 Reasons Why We are Here

1.) We are here to worship this King.

-When you see the value of Jesus, Worship is automatic.

– Jesus is superior, better than everything in your life.

2.) We are here to listen to the King

3.) We are here to advance the Kingdom.

4 Goals

1.) Routine religion will no longer be tolerable to us.

– Not to be satisfied with playing church.

– Monotonous spiritual emotion will not be enough.

2.) Casual worship will no longer be possible.

3.) Total Surrender will no longer be optional for us.

4.) Global Missions

Dare to Stand Up (Acts 21:27-23:11) Day 4 of VBS

CaptureHave you ever felt like you are on a Tilt-a-Whirl and cannot get off?  That may describe our lives sometimes.  Often, life feels out of control, as if we are being twirled about and spun around.

In today’s bible story, Paul’s life seemed out of control, an angry mob wanted to kill him!  But Paul stood strong and learned to display self-control and sound judgment.

Today, we will discuss many real-life scenarios and how we can learn to honor God with our actions, too.  Even in difficult situations, we can trust God to help them respond wisely by having self-control and sound judgment.

Read Acts 21:27-23:11

Paul was a master at thinking quickly and acting wisely, tailoring his approach to his particular audience.  In today’s Bible Story, the crowds were an angry crowd of Jews in Jerusalem.  When Paul was taken into custody by the Roman Soldiers, instead of panicking, he asked for permission to face his persecutors.

Paul quickly considered the best way to address the people, in their own language, with references to his own Jewish background.  His speech was not a tirade; it was a testimony.  He explained how one moment on the Damascus road changed his life.  And for a while, the people listened.

When soldiers took him to the barracks, Paul respectfully revealed the news that he was a Roman Citizen, legally entitled to a trial.  His action halted the beating that was about to take place.

When he was presented as a prisoner to the Sanhedrin, Paul cleverly used his knowledge of their philosophical preferences to his advantage.  The Pharisees firmly believed in the resurrection of the dead.  The Sadducees firmly did not.  The ensuing argument enabled Paul to extricate himself from his own trial. (Acts 23:8)

Paul’s wise and self-controlled actions furthered his opportunities to share Jesus.  Would your classmates consider you a wise and self-controlled believer?  In a really long line at Kings Island, when your brother or sister are acting up, do you display wisdom, patience, and self-control?  Where does wisdom, patience, and self-control come from?

Community Service Event/ Fundraiser/ Bible Study


We will be doing the Fleming County Trash for Cash program on June 14th.  Money raised will help us off-set costs of our Bible Studies (food, gas, utensils, etc.)  Each student above 12 years old will help us raise $8 per hour for the youth program.  It also helps keep Fleming County beautiful.  Encourage everyone to help even parents.

3 Reasons you should be interested in community service:

1. It is your community and it is great way to give back to it and keep it looking beautiful.

2. Scholarships. Many scholarships require you to work so many volunteer hours to qualify, start early to make sure you can cut cost for college.

3. More than likely, the money raised will be the money that feeds you later or helps you pay for a larger event. (And its more likely to get help on larger events if we see that you are committed to helping out).


Location: Planck Road (Meeting first at Church)

Date: June 14th

Time: Please have your child at Flemingsburg Baptist Church no later than 10am

Transportation: Church van

Cost:  Free

Notes: Joe Office phone number for any questions


Deadline: None


  • Money for food and Drinks
  • Sunscreen

Dare to Speak Up (Acts 9:20-30) VBS Day 2


How difficult is it to tell others about Jesus?  In Paul’s case, there were many who wanted to kill him, but he continued to speak up boldly about God!  And then there was Barnabas, he did not waste time wondering what people would think when he defended Paul.  He went directly to the Jerusalem Christians and affirmed that this formerly fierce enemy of Christ was now a faithful follower!

In our world today we face a lot of pressure: to fit in, to be popular, to do what is right, to dress a certain way.  It is difficult for us to be bold enough and daring enough to speak up about God to our classmates, neighbors, and even family.

However, we see that in our passage today God is calling us to dare to speak up because the good news of Jesus Christ is more valuable than our reputation and is worth risking everything to tell someone about Jesus.  Today you will discover that God has given you power, His power, to do what you cannot do in your own strength.

Read 9:20-30

Paul delivered his first message about Jesus in Damascus, the same city as we learned yesterday that he originally intended to arrest people for believing in Jesus Christ.  Acts 10:20 says, Paul began to share his faith immediately.  And what he said astounded and confounded his listeners.  Why would Paul’s message confuse and seem unbelievable to his listeners?

Paul did not wait to speak until he knew everything about following Jesus.  He simply shared what he did know at that time.  And as he shared, Paul became more capable.  So capable that the Jews in Damascus planned to kill him, to stop his message because Paul was being so effective.  A late-night “thrill ride” in a basket delivered him safely out of the city.

Paul found nothing but cold shoulders and hot tempers when he returned to Jerusalem.  The believers there were leery of his intentions.  A believer named Barnabas bravely spoke up for Paul and assured that Paul had experienced a life change.  Accepted as a true believer, Paul tried to assist the Jerusalem believers with their ministry, and again, found out that now the Greek Jews wanted to kill him.

For safety, Paul’s friends shipped him back to his hometown Tarsus.  Did Paul quit telling about his new life in Christ to protect himself, his reputation, and his life?  What about you?  Is the good news of Jesus Christ so valuable to you that you will risk everything in order to tell others about Him?

Our goal today is not to imply that following or speaking about Jesus is always easy.  Sometimes it is not.  The goal of today’s Bible study is to help us understand that the same power that gave Paul the courage to speak is available to believers who pray and obey  You, too, can speak boldly about Jesus.  And that is our goal today is to Dare to Speak Up about Jesus Christ.

Pray that God will open up your eyes that you will see how valuable Jesus is so that you will not be able to help yourself to others about what Jesus Christ has done for you in your life.

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